Unified Mechanical offers a full list of repairs to support your vehicle to run at its optimum.  Your car's longevity is not all that we care about, ensuring our customers are fully satisfied and have walked away with quality service is equally important. 


We understand that life without your car can be a real pain and we make the process as convenient for you as possible, working in with your schedule.  Our Mobile Mechanical service allows us to come to you keeping your life simple. ​



Electrical Diagnostics 

Body Electronic's (including windows & central locking)

Light Operations

Ignition System


Brake System

Brake Fluid 

Pads, Disc Rotors & Drums


Suspension Repairs

Cooling System Maintenance 

Fuel System

Engine & Components 

Timing Belt Replacement

Oil leaks 

Battery & Charging System 

Steering System 

Exhaust System 

Clutch & Transmission